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Shower Curtain Tracks

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Shower Curtains & Tracks Supply Australia Wide

Our weighted shower curtains and tracks are available in various sizes and also customisable to suit all baths and shower spaces as required. To order one of our custom shower curtain track, please fill in the custom shower curtain track order form and email to our sales team at

  1. Can shower curtain and track be installed for bath?
    Yes, you can install the shower curtain and track for baths.
  2. Can shower curtain track be customised?
    Yes, we can customise shower curtains tracks as required.
  3. What is a shower curtain track?
    Shower curtain tracks are made of aluminium, can be straight, L-shaped or U-shaped. These are screwed into the walls for installation.
  4. How heavy are the shower curtains?
    Our shower curtains weigh 200 grams per square meter.
  5. Are the rods and tracks weight bearing?
    No, the rods and tracks are not designed to be weight bearing. Tugging at them or hanging on for support can cause dismantle.
  6. Are finished sizes for shower curtains accurate?
    Shower curtains may vary in length by ±10mm.