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Grab Rails

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Safety Grab Bars Australia Wide

Concealed fix grab rails have cover plates so screws need not be visible. Majority of our grab rails are concealed fix for better aesthetics along with 100% support.

Single hole fix or narrow flange grab rails are suitable for compact areas with tight hand clearance such as doorway architraves where a 32mm rail with concealed fixing may not fit.

Shower grab rails, similar to T-shape modular rails are designed specifically for shower and bath areas with horizontal and vertical support. These are mostly installed under shower heads for additional aid.

Toilet grab rails, similar to L-shaped and angled modular rails are available with either 40 or 90 degree bends for continuous support getting on and off toilets.

Drop down rails can be wall mount or floor mount with or without posts. The rail can be folded up when not in use and dropped down when needed. Ideal for areas where support is needed further from walls, but space may be limited.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What lengths are grab rails available in?
    300mm, 450mmmm, 600mm, 750mm & 900mm
  2. What is narrow flange or single hole fix?
    Narrow flange or single hole fix grab rails are 25mm in diameter, designed for tight spaces where traditional flange plates may not fit such as door architraves.
  3. Can grab rails be installed in any position?
    As long as there are studs available at the desired location or if its concrete walls.
  4. What are available finishes for grab rails?
    Brushed satin, polished chrome, peened (firm grip), ripple ivory, ripple white, smooth ivory and smooth white.
  5. What is the weight capacity of grab rails?
    As all grab rails are installed to studs, the weight bearing capacity is 120kg similar to studs.
  6. If there are no studs, can you still install rails?
    Yes, in the areas without studs, either modular grab rails can be installed to extend and catch further available studs an installer can install additional timber support and mount rails on them.