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Kit 3 – Gas Stove with Electric Oven Timer (Dual Fuel)


  • Gas cooktop with electric oven combo
  • Dual fuel cooker
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Please read the description for important information.

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The kit enables you to use your dual fuel cooker for the desired set time. The timer duration can be set by the electrician to any specified time range between 10 to 240 minutes. The most common time set is 20 minutes. The switch will be labelled with the pre-set time duration and located within 1000mm of the appliance. The timer isolates the unit after the pre-set time duration.

[Please note – The timer controls the power to the gas cooktop and the electric oven at the same time for the pre-set time period. If you require the gas cooktop and electric oven to have separate set times, two timers will be required: one for gas cooktop and one for electric oven.]

To enable the dual fuel timer:

1. Press the switch (timer indicator light will illuminate)

2. Turn the knob to the on position

The appliance will turn off automatically after the set time. To re-use, turn the knob back to the off position and repeat the above steps.

Optional: An optional key-operated bypass switch can be installed to override the timer to allow for the stove to be used for a longer period.

Please note: The installation must be carried out by a certified electrician and a certified plumber.

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